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Strategic Direction into the Future

The First Board of Governors was formed in 1944 when Miss Kufal completed the paperwork to convert the school into a limited partnership. The Board not only proposed to continue the guidelines established by Miss Kufal, but also decided to raise funds to buy a plot of land on which to build new premises. The new school was built in 1950 under the direction of a new Chairman, Mr. Leslie Lee.

Members of the Board of Directors work ad honorem and are responsible for:

  • Formally establishing and safeguarding the school’s long-term philosophy and policies
  • Strategic planning and the development of financial policies to implement the plans
  • Hiring and supporting our Headmistress
  • Ensuring that San Silvestre maintains compliance with the law and high ethical standards

The present Board of Directors of San Silvestre School is comprised as follows:

Board of Directors 
Sra. Marcela Benavides de BurgaCHAIRMAN
Sra. Karen Weinberger  VICE - CHAIRMAN
Sr. Gonzalo Basadre  TREASURER
Sr. Edmundo Bragagnini
Sra. Mariana Pardo
Sr. Rafael Corzo
Sr. Carlos Tori
Sr. Luis Bedoya Escurra
Sra. Rocío Lockett
Sra. Lorena Calda

"It was only a few years ago that my daughter entered San Silvestre School, cheerful and eager.  And what a marvellous experience it has been. We have seen her blossom, grow and thrive at this very special school. 

She has been immensely happy at San Silvestre, and leaving her beloved school, teachers and friends will be very difficult for her.  She is not the same little girl she was when she entered San Silvestre. 

She has taken the school's motto to heart, and the important values and life lessons she learned here will follow her throughout her life."

Parent of San Silvestre School