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San Silvestre School continues to be closed due to the COVID 19 pandemic and on the instructions of the Peruvian Government. During this time we will be providing full online learning for all our students. It is our firm hope that if we all work together your daughters will continue growing and learning - perhaps now more than ever. We would ask every parent to take a keen interest in your daughters’ learning and provide them with opportunities to share what they have learned. Every new experience has to be perceived as an opportunity and fortunately we now have the technology to support us as we make every effort to keep our girls motivated and learning every day.

Please make sure you visit this Online Learning page frequently to find the latest news.

Remember our school motto I am, I can, I ought, I will - now is our time to truly live this!
Keep safe, keep well, keep calm and keep in touch.

Online Learning Programme Plan


Please find attached in the following link our online learning plan presented to Minedu in March



Please find attached in the following link our online learning plan presented to Minedu in May


Monthly Fees and School Costs

Continuing with our policy of ensuring transparency we are complying with the presentation of information about the monthly fees and school costs during the current situation in accordance with the Legislative Decree 1476 published on May 5th.


"Reprogramación Adaptada" - May 21st

Please find attached in the following link our "reprogramación adaptada" presented to Minedu in May



Learning Support and Socio-Emotional Platforms

Early Years Socio-Emotional Platform

We have developed this online platform in order to be able to share with you information and activities that can be useful.



Primary Learning Academic Platform

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you and your daughters with the very best provision we can during this difficult time, the Primary Learning Support team have developed this platform which will hopefully give you some insight into how best to help your daughters as they learn under these new conditions. We will be adding more information at times so do please save the link to your bookmarks and check back regularly! 


Primary Socio-Emotional Platform

We would like, with this new platform, to be able to help you by sharing information with you, creating a space that allows you to have moments that generate calm, enjoyment and relaxation in this time of stress, worry or demotivation.

At the same time, this platform will allow us to connect with our emotions and with those of others.


Secondary Socio-Emotional Platform

Through this platform we would like to provide you with advice, information and useful data for the well-being of not only the students but of the entire community.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • ¿San Silvestre estaba preparado para enfrentar una situación como esta?

    Desde antes del inicio de clases el colegio estuvo preparando un plan de contingencia que fue compartido con los padres de familia y las alumnas al dia siguiente del cierre de los colegios indicado por el Presidente Vizcarra (o ponemos por el gobierno?). Como parte de este plan se desarrollódesarrollo un documento llamado “Acuerdos Esenciales para el Aprendizaje en línea” en éel se proporcionaba información de nuestro proceso y protocolos para el aprendizaje en línea. Asimismo el colegio a travéstraves de una encuesta realizada los días previos al cierre total pudo identificar a las aquellas alumnas que necesitaban equipos de cómputo para poder seguir con el programa de educación en línea y el colegio les prestó equipos. pudo realizar un prestamos de equipos. 

  • ¿Cuáles son los objetivos del Programa de Aprendizaje en Línea?

    Hemos investigado mucho y xxxx en coordinación con colegios de diferentes partes del mundo con quienes tenemos importantes alianzas educativas y estamos seguros  hemos podido validar que nuestro programa en línea es un programa de excelente calidad. Este no busca replicar el sistema presencial y que las niñas estén sentadas de 8:00 a.m. a 3:30 p.m. frente a una computadora pues esto sería contraproducente y no estaría considerando su bienestar emocional. Por el contrario, de manera creativa, a través de actividades significativas y utilizando nuevas metodologías estamos logrando que sigan el programa correspondiente a su año escolar para evitar que lo pierdan.  

Giving in the time of COVID-19

Shipibo-Konibo Community in Cantagallo
Shipibo-Konibo Community in Cantagallo

    Unfortunately, we have received the sad news that three members of their community have passed away this week as a result of COVID 19. MINSA has been at their community this week and has taken 1,000 fast-tests, and 80% of them have resulted positive. They need our support more than ever because they have no access to water or the products necessary to disinfect and fumigate the whole community. We are committed to continuing supporting them and one way in which we could begin providing some relief is by participating in a wonderful workshop on the Shipibo-Konibo language and culture they are giving this weekend for the San Silvestre Community via Zoom. 

    If you have any questions, please feel free to write to or


Juntos desde Casa - with Fundación Oli
Juntos desde Casa - with Fundación Oli

    A huge thank you to all of those who have supported the #JuntosDesdeCasa campaign with Ex-Alumnas and Fundación Oli. Together, we have achieved our internal goal as the San Silvestre Community and the donation for 7,500 protection kits has been delivered to Iquitos! This would not have been possible without you!

    Fundación Oli remains with the 30,000 kit goal still in mind for their second phase of this campaign. Let's continue our support so that more heroes in Peru can keep receiving the protection they need to protect us.

    Donations should be deposited in the following accounts:

    BCP Soles: 193-2029045-0-03 / CCI: 00219300202904500328

    BCP Dollars: 193-2018116-1-19 / CCI: 00219300201811611919

    Yape: 955 436 831

San Silvestre Solidarity Fund
San Silvestre Solidarity Fund

    San Silvestre has opened a SOLIDARITY FUND aimed at supporting those parents who are currently having financial difficulties caused by the pandemic. In a display of the solidarity which characterizes our community, we would like to invite parents, teachers, Ex-alumnae or even members beyond the community to make donations into this fund. In particular we would like to invite parents who are in a position to pay the full monthly school fees to pay the 10% discount into this fund with the aim of helping their daughter’s friends remain part of our school community. Any amount will be gratefully received and will go towards avoiding girl’s having to leave our school. 

    Donations should be deposited in the Banco de Crédito into either of the savings accounts shown below: 

    Account in Peruvian Soles: Nro.191-96889690-0-70 / American Dollars: Nro.191-96889706-1-87

    Please could anyone making a donation send a copy of the deposit voucher made to these accounts to the following mail: The corresponding certificate will be issued in accordance with “Resolución de Intendencia Sunat No. 0210050005378” This certificate will be sent by mail within two working days after receiving the donation. Thank you in advance for your support. 

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