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Thank you for your interest in the Primary Section of San Silvestre School. We do hope these pages will show you why our school is so special.

Every student who comes to San Silvestre Primary School is welcomed as a unique individual. It is our mission to bring to fruition her tremendous potential and endless possibilities for personal and intellectual development. It is both a pleasure and a great privilege to accompany each student on her learning journey.

We aim to create a rich, stimulating and challenging environment in which:

  • Students develop a genuinely inquiring spirit undeterred by challenge and setbacks;
  • All questions and contributions are valued and celebrated
  • Learning is based on discovery and innovation
  • Learning and teaching styles are many and varied to match the needs of our students
  • Creativity is nurtured

We believe that each pupil is capable of thinking independently, taking risks and learning from her mistakes. We foster a passion for learning, teaching pupils techniques that will allow them to develop their intellect throughout their lives.

Christine Stayte

Head of Primary

Primary - Welcome